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Samsung TV provides endless entertainment opportunities but to take benefit of them, you need to link Samsung TV to computer. But do you know about Samsung smart TV connect pc process? Doing so will allow you stream music, pictures and videos from your computer to your Samsung smart TV. This technology makes it possible to browse an extended library content stored in your computer on your TV. As Samsung offers high-quality smart TV with a better picture quality therefore it is more enjoyable to watch content from your PC to your smart TV. You can get to know how to connect computer to Samsung TV through this blog. Connecting your computer to the Samsung smart TV is a great way to enjoy benefits offered by Samsung TV.

How to connect my PC to Samsung TV?

You are at the right place if you want to know about Samsung smart TV connect PC. Now, it has become extremely easy to connect computer to Samsung smart TV. You can use smart hub to authorize the PC to play media on the TV. You can go through these steps to link Samsung TV to computer.

  1. Make sure that the Samsung Smart Hub and your computer are connected to the same network.
  2. Go to smart hub, select ‘Search’ and type ‘Windows Media Player’ in the search box.
  3. From the stream menu, select ‘Turn on media streaming’ option. 
  4. Locate your Samsung smart TV in the list of computers and drivers. Now, check the box to allow the Samsung smart hub to access the files from your PC.
  5. You can take help of the file explorer to transfer the content to your PC from your computer. You need to click ‘Library’ choose ‘New.’ finally, click ‘Finish’ to share the content to your PC.

These were the steps that you can use for the Samsung smart TV connect pc.

We hope this blog helped you to understand how to connect computer to Samsung smart TV. If you want more details to link Samsung TV to computer, you can get in touch with our technical experts to take their help.